workshop: Running a small business website powered by Microsoft 365 and Azure

Important This workshop is a work in progress and has been shared to receive initial feedback.

Workshop details

  • Level: intermediate - development skills (JS/TS) is a big plus
  • Audience: FusionDev, Citizen Developers, and Developers


Do you want to start your own small business, or are you already running one, but want to see which possibilities you have integrating your services with Microsoft 365 and Azure?

This workshop is based on an online shop that Luise Freese and Elio Struyf are running. The shop makes use of Power Automate for automating business processes and Azure Functions to maintain the store, its inventory, and other functionalities that are not possible in Power Automate.

Together we will discover how you can set up your own site and incorporate your business processes. In the workshop, you learn more about the platform, its capabilities, and its shortcomings. By the end of the day, you will understand how far you can stretch the platform and the tipping point to custom development.


Module A

Let’s get started with Power Automate for developers. Learn in no time, what is easy, what won’t work, where the limits are and which are the advantages for developers to combine their custom solutions with Power Platform and Microsoft 365.

Module B

We continue with Azure Functions! After a brief overview what’s possible, you will learn hands-on how to work with Azure Functions. This is a from Zero to Hero approach!

Module C

Now we combine, what we’ve learned in Modules A & B with a static website. Get an overview, where to start and what the pitfalls are.

Get in touch

If you want more information about the workshop, or book it. Contact me on: [email protected].