Automate the deployment of your SharePoint solution package in the App Catalog

August 14, 2017

Some time ago I wrote a couple of articles about how you can automate the process of releasing your SharePoint Framework solutions. This was achieved by two custom Gulp tasks to upload the static assets and solution package and a complete Visual Studio Team Services build and release pipeline. This process already saved me a lot of time, but since some time ago, I noticed that I had to manually deploy the solution package to get the latest version activated.

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Configure a build and release pipeline for your SharePoint Framework solution deployments

May 15, 2017

In the previous article, I wrote how I achieved to setup a build and release pipeline to automate the publishing process of my SharePoint Framework app package and JS file to my environments. Info: Use build and release pipelines in VSTS to automate your SharePoint Framework deployments. In this article, I will focus on explaining the steps in detail how you can achieve it yourself.

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