How to apply a new suite bar theme on your Office 365 tenant

September 12, 2014

Microsoft is rolling out a new functionality to theme the suite bar or to top nav bar in Office 365. This may seem a simple functionality but can have an enormous change trough wards the branding of a company. A couple of my clients was waiting for this functionality to be released.

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Sub-Site Theme/Composed Looks Inheritance How To

December 6, 2012

With the new theme engine from SharePoint 2013 I had a few questions about how sub-sites could inherit the theme/composed looks from the parent. Let me first start with the differences between the 2010 and 2013 theme engine. Differences between SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Theme Engine In 2010 when you uploaded a PowerPoint Theme file to the theme gallery (Site Settings > Themes), it was also available to use on all sub-sites.

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How to Create a Master Page that is Available for the Composed Looks

August 16, 2012

In this post I will show you how you can create a new master page that can be selected in the Site Layouts menu when you are changing the look of your site (Site Settings > Change the look). One part that I did not cover yet, is the Site Layouts option in the Composed Looks (Site Settings > Change the look > Select a composed look) and how you can add other layouts to it.

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Creating a New Color Palette for a SharePoint 2013 Composed Look

August 3, 2012

One of the new functionalities in SharePoint 2013 is that themes are split up in multiple files. Color Palette files; Font Scheme files. When you want to create a new color palette in SharePoint 2013, you can start by going to Site Settings > Themes. In the theme gallery click on a color palette (ex.

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