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Making columns searchable for the list or library searchbox

March 31, 2015

One of the handiest features that were added to a list or library is the in-place searchbox. The in-place searchbox allows you to quickly search for items or documents while staying in the list or library context (in previous versions you were redirected to a search page). When you have used this list or library searchbox, you may have experienced some problems like not been able to retrieve the items you needed or even retrieving no items at all.

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Sorting search results by managed metadata properties

March 24, 2015

Most of the SharePoint environments these days make use of managed metadata. If you do so and want to use the managed properties within your search web parts, you could experience some strange behaviour when sorting your results based on these managed metadata properties. When using the auto-created managed properties linked to your managed metadata column for sorting, a disorder of your results can occur.

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How to Display the Site Title and Site URL in Search Results

August 3, 2011

Recently I was restyling the search results, and one of the expectations was to display a hyperlink to the site of origin of the result. Adding the site title of the returned results is very easy, this can be retrieved from the metadata property “SiteTitle”. The web URL is a bit more difficult.

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