Using the SFPx library component for simplifying the localization experience

September 6, 2019

One of the things hardest things when creating and maintaining a product is localization. It requires a lot of testing, validation and follow-up. In SharePoint Framework projects it is no different, maybe even a bit harder, as the localization files are created per component. This means that you might have to take care of duplicate localization keys and labels.

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Simplify localization in SharePoint Framework projects

July 15, 2019

When you need to support multiple languages for your SharePoint Framework solutions. It can be a hassle that you have to maintain each and every localization per component in their related loc folder. Official localization documentation: localize SharePoint Framework client-side web parts. Default component localization files If you have one component in your project, this is easy to maintain, but once you will have a couple more.

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