How to let an Azure Function know something failed

May 18, 2017

Just a quick article about how you can let your Azure Function runtime know there was a problem during the execution. This is important when you are for example working with queue triggered functions. The default method to let your Azure Function know it has finished is the context.done() method. When you use the method like this: context.

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Get to know who is tracking your mails via the Microsoft Graph and Azure Functions

March 20, 2017

We all get a lot of emails every day. Did you know that some of these emails are being tracked by others? There are various kinds of email trackers available, most of them work by inserting hidden images and/or changing the links in the mail by a tracking prefix. This allows them to see when and how many times you opened your email and which of the links you clicked from the mail.

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Returning other types of data like HTML via JavaScript Azure Functions

February 24, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a simple Office add-in which just added a custom add-in command. An add-in command only requires that you specify an URL to a page / HTML file to make it work. As it would be overkill to create a website for just that one file, I thought about using an HTTPTrigger Azure Function to return me the necessary HTML for my command.

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Developing and testing JavaScript / Node.js Azure Functions locally

September 29, 2016

Azure functions are available for a while now. Their purpose is to have an event-driven compute without maintaining any server or applications. On my Azure environment, I have various of these small functions running. They all do different things like keeping my Azure search index up to date, sending notifications about my NPM packages, etc.

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Create an Azure Function to update your Azure Search Index

April 29, 2016

A couple of months ago I switch from the default WordPress search functionality to Azure search. In order to update my Azure search index, I created a web job which runs every hour and adds or updates the latest 25 posts. Each night the web job will do a full re-index of all the articles.

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