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Footers and SharePoint that was the starting point of this blog. Back in August 2010, I blogged about how to create a sticky footer for your SharePoint 2010 sites (blog post can be found here and here). Now it is time to upgrade this sticky footer solution to SharePoint 2013.


New SharePoint versions can be challenging, especially when it comes to branding your sites. When you are in a migration process like me, you will probably have to re-do the branding to support the new functionalities. Assuming that everything will work like before can be really disappointing. There are a lot of new functionalities, which means that your design will also need to support these functionalities.


In the previous part I showed you how to manipulate the Asset Library Thumbnail view, so that it could be used as image gallery. In this part I will do a small update to the code, so that the first image will be used for the gallery. Adding gallery images In the first part I created a gallery section which looked like this:


Recently I was at a client that wanted to have something more useable for storing and showing their event pictures. The only thing that is possible out-of-the-box in SharePoint 2010 is working with a slideshow web part and the old picture library. That gave me the idea to implement a jQuery image gallery into the Asset Library.


This week a client made me aware that links in the top navigation and in the quick launch (from SharePoint 2010) cannot be opened in a new tab from the Right-Click menu of Internet Explorer. If you try to do it, the option is not available. Right-Click menu If you do it on a regular link, you should get the following Right-Click menu.


Some time ago, I wrote about a layout problem when using the People Search Box Web Part outside a SharePoint Search Center. Other layout problems occurs when you enable Query Suggestions for the Search Box Web Part. Query Suggestions What I experienced is that two different layout problems occur: