Reviewing Cloudflare Pages to show what it has to offer

October 15, 2021

Cloudflare is a name that probably does not need any introduction. It is a well-known service that provides one of the fastest and massively used content delivery networks (CDN). Cloudflare developers have been busy as they have been building a lot of valuable new services like the one that I am talking about in this article Cloudflare Pages.

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Using Cloudflare to serve your private Azure Storage Blobs

February 22, 2021

Recently I wrote about how to use Cloudflare as a CDN for your Azure Storage Containers/Blobs. The process for setting up Cloudflare for Azure Storage is straightforward. Info Use Cloudflare CDN for your Azure Storage caching Now to make this work, you need to configure the Azure Storage to be anonymously accessible.

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#DevHack: CORS for Cloudflare cached Azure Storage blobs

February 15, 2021

In the previous post, I told you why we moved to Cloudflare CDN to serve our Azure Storage files instead of Azure CDN. During the testing of Cloudflare, I found out that CORS headers were not present for the files. Usually, this is not needed if you only retrieve one file, but if you want to retrieve another file, for instance, a template from your site, these cross-origin resource sharing headers are required.

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