Social Features


My intention was to write three blog posts on this topic, but a commenter told me that a problem arises with blog post items. The counters always return zero. In this part I will show you why this is happening and what you could do to solve this. First of all the reason why it...Read More →


In the previous parts I showed you how to retrieve all tags for a specific page/item. In this part (the last one) I will show you how you can integrate these tags into your design. This will be the final result: User Control You have various possibilities to show these tag results on your page....Read More →


In the previous part I talked about retrieving the number of tags by code. The problem was that the GetTags method from the SocialTagManager class, could only retrieve tags from a specific user. In this part I show you a way to retrieve the all the tags for a specific location/page. Decompile My first step...Read More →


Social media is a trending topic these days, more and more companies start to use it. As you may know, SharePoint 2010 also got social features like for example: tagging, I like it, social comments, etc. But these social features are nothing compared to the social features like Facebook. When somebody "likes" a page or...Read More →