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Minimal.master with footer

on Jan 12, 2011 by Elio Struyf with no comments


This blog post is created by a request of a commenter named Gane. He asked me how to add a footer section to the "minimal.master" master page. This master page is used for the search centers in SharePoint 2010. My previous solution for adding a footer to a master page, were based on the "v4.master"...Read More →

SharePoint: Create permissions on list views

on Nov 18, 2010 by Elio Struyf with 37 comments


First of all I've tried the same approach for SharePoint 2010 and this works the same way. One of the things I miss the most in SharePoint 2007 is to set permissions on list views. I thought it was impossible to achieve this with the out-of-the-box functionality of SharePoint. After some research I found a...Read More →


I have seen that some people have difficulties with moving the searchbox position to the top ribbon in SharePoint 2010 v4.master file. Two months ago I did this for a client to have more space for all the subsites. Here is what I have done to let it work in IE 7 - 8 and...Read More →

V4.master Sticky Footer With Docked Ribbon

on Aug 26, 2010 by Elio Struyf with 21 comments


After getting the footer working in the undocked version, I have tried to get it to work with a docked ribbon. The problem is that SharePoint's Javascript will automatically calculate the exact size of the div "s4-workspace" each time you click on the ribbon or a webpart. This will push the footer off the screen...Read More →

V4.master Sticky Footer With Undocked Ribbon

on Aug 26, 2010 by Elio Struyf with 11 comments


Hi, This is actually my first blog post and it’s about my first real frustration and moment of joy with SharePoint 2010. This week I wanted to insert a “sticky” footer to my masterpage (v4.master). For two days I have tried to get it working on Internet Explorer and Firefox, but for some reasons it...Read More →