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Give the user control to manage their password through SharePoint. When you want to use form based authentication for SharePoint authentication, one of the requirements could be that users can change their passwords from within SharePoint. Because this functionality is not OOTB available, you will need to create a custom web part or application page...Read More →


A colleague discovered a layout problem when he was using the People Search Box Web Part outside a SharePoint Search Center. When you add the People Search Box Web Part to your page, the layout looks fine. The problem arises when you click on the Search Options link. As you can see, the property box...Read More →


SharePoint 2010 Designer allows you to create custom actions for the SharePoint ribbon or the item context menu. These custom actions can be used to start a workflow, navigate to a form, and navigate to a custom URL. For the last option you can make use of "Tokens". These tokens enable you to create a...Read More →


This week I needed to extend the search core result web part to be able to do some custom filtering and search result styling. For the search result styling, additional fetched properties (columns) needed to be added programmatically to the Web Part properties. But every time I checked in the web part properties, these fetched...Read More →


In this blog post I will talk about how to automate the SharePoint solution creation process by making use of NuGet. As an example I will use NuGet to automate the SharePoint Branding process in Visual Studio. NuGet is a package management system for your develop environment. NuGet makes the process of importing .NET libraries...Read More →


When you need to convert an application page from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2007, these are the steps that need to be done: Change the "SharePoint.WebControls" and the "SharePoint.Utilities" assemblies version numbers from "" to ""; Remove the "Microsoft.Web.CommandUI" assembly line: Change the "DynamicMasterPageFile" attribute name to "MasterPageFile", and replace the value with the following:...Read More →