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Archive for October 2022

Someone is DDoS-ing my Azure Functions, and here is what you can do

October 26, 2022

Last week, all of a sudden, my Azure subscription got suspended. As the subscription runs on credits and is optimized to be way below the limit, I was surprised to see that I suddenly reached the spending limit. Usually, the monthly cost for the subscription is around 50-60 EUR. This month, it suddenly got above 150 EUR, but why?

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The story of buying a car and what went wrong with it

October 18, 2022

Let us go back to the end of 2020. My wife and I were chatting in the kitchen about buying a new car. One of the criteria of my wife the vehicle should have was to have seven seats as it would be easier to bring kids to tennis. I wanted to go for a fully electric car.

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Simplify Visual Studio Code extension webview communication

October 6, 2022

In Visual Studio Code extension webviews you probably need to get familiar with post-messaging communication. This post-messaging communication is used when you want to start a process, request information, etc. For this communication flow to work, the extension and webview can send and listen to incoming messages. Although this is not a complicated flow to understand, it quickly feels like a disconnected communication flow, as you cannot simply wait for a response.

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