January, 2018


This is a quick article to show you how you can open the edit page experience from your SharePoint Framework solution. Such a trigger could be useful so that you can trigger the page its edit mode from within your web part, footer, … Nothing more to say about it, so here is the code:...Read More →


I published another extension for your SharePoint Framework solution to check your scripts and correctly reference the external JavaScript libraries in your solutions. The extension is powered by the same APIs of the SharePoint Framework Script Check that was built by Waldek Mastykarz from Rencore. Check out the VSCode extension: SPFx Script Check Feedback and issues If you have feedback or...Read More →


Depending on the solution you are creating, you might want to know on which type of site your SharePoint Framework solution is currently running. This could be useful to enable or disable certain functionalities the solution you are creating depending on the type of site. For example: enable some extra collaboration features in your solution...Read More →


Today I published a new Visual Studio Code extension that gives you some handy SharePoint Framework code snippets. The first version of the extension only contains a handful snippets but will grow over time. VSCode extension: SPFx snippets Try it out and let me know if you like it. Feedback and ideas If you have...Read More →