September, 2017


Web part icons help you to distinguish your web part between all the others. SharePoint Framework provides use two options at this moment of specifying an icon: Office UI Fabric font icons (officeFabricIconFontName) Images by providing a URL (iconImageUrl) Info: Waldek Mastykarz wrote a great article about this a while ago. Read more about it...Read More →


A while ago I wrote an article about writing unit tests for your SharePoint Framework components. One of the missing things was a code coverage report to check how well you unit-test your codebase. Read more: Writing unit-tests for your SharePoint Framework components Apparently, with the v1.2.0 of SharePoint Framework they added a tool called...Read More →


One of the new things in the latest releases is the functionality to bundle multiple components into a single JavaScript bundle file. Quote: Multi-component bundles can make it easier to share code and logic across similar components, as well as reduce the overall size of your JavaScript since you only get one instance of the...Read More →