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Since the SharePoint Framework v1.2.0 release; it is now possible to let your custom property pane fields trigger the apply button in non-reactive property panes. Before this release, you had to implement your own logic to re-render the contents of your web part or use the reactive property pane.


Some time ago I wrote a couple of articles about how you can automate the process of releasing your SharePoint Framework solutions. This was achieved by two custom Gulp tasks to upload the static assets and solution package and a complete Visual Studio Team Services build and release pipeline.


When SharePoint 2013 got released there was something missing in the UI. There was no breadcrumb control anymore like in SharePoint 2010. A couple of clients and users were struggling finding their way on the site. In March 2013, I created a script that allowed you to transform the SharePoint text in the suite bar (on the left side) into a breadcrumb.