May, 2017


Just a quick article about how you can let your Azure Function runtime know there was a problem during the execution. This is important when you are for example working with queue triggered functions. The default method to let your Azure Function know it has finished is the context.done() method. When you use the method...Read More →


If you already used the HttpClient and SPHttpClient in your SharePoint Framework projects, you might have noticed that you have two types of request methods options: GET and POST. These two types of requests are the most used ones, but what if you want to use other HTTP methods like PUT, PATCH, DELETE? If you...Read More →


In the previous article, I wrote how I achieved to setup a build and release pipeline to automate the publishing process of my SharePoint Framework app package and JS file to my environments. Info: Use build and release pipelines in VSTS to automate your SharePoint Framework deployments. In this article, I will focus on explaining...Read More →


A while ago I wrote two articles about how you can automate the publishing process of your SharePoint Framework scripts and solution package via custom gulp tasks. Info: you can find the articles here and here. These gulp tasks are already a great step forward but still, requires you to manually launch these gulp commands...Read More →